Curriculum Design

Arts-integrated learning develops skills and knowledge in the arts and another area of learning. Opera Ignite develops strategic lesson plans that seamlessly embed music, drama and movement into the classroom to support creative growth across the curriculum.  With a deep understanding of the National Common Core Standards, National Core Arts Standards and state academic standards, Opera Ignite can help arts and education organizations define educational goals, develop rigorous curriculum and assess learning outcomes.


Bon Appétit!

In 2005, mezzo-soprano Melissa Collom performed with Opera Ignite as Julia Child in Lee Hoiby’s opera Bon Appétit!  As Melissa continued to perform the piece across the country, she realized there were opportunities for young audiences to explore cooking science through the text in the opera. Opera Ignite helped to develop a learning guide for middle school students to accompany the opera, including pre- and post-show lessons and essential questions for discussion based on national science standards.

Branches of Government Drama

A third grade teacher approached Opera Ignite to enrich the social studies unit on branches of government. She felt the standard curriculum could be more engaging for the students and wished to develop drama experiences that allowed the students to fully participate in the democratic process. In collaboration with the teacher, Opera Ignite developed a two-week unit that utilized the learning benchmarks within the existing curriculum, while engaging the students in role-play, debate, creative writing and public speaking.

“My students really understand how government works because of this experience. They’ve retained so much more than they have in past years. Thank you!” – Ms. Hoyson, third grade teacher


When Opera Theater of Pittsburgh presented the opera Brundibár at Pittsburgh’s CAPA high school, Opera Ignite helped to develop an interactive program booklet that connected the opera performance with the history of the Theresientstadt concentration camp. The program booklet provided historical context, as well as a discussion guide and activity suggestions for parents and teachers.