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The Barber of Seville – 5/2/15

For the last two months, children at the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Centers (COTRAIC) preschools have been exploring the opera “The Barber of Seville” with Opera Ignite teaching artists. Offered in partnership with Opera Theater of Pittsburgh, the classroom workshops invite children to sing along with the characters, create a thunderstorm with their bodies …read more

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Pittsburgh Fringe Festival – 5/8-10/15

Opera Ignite is excited to participate in the 2015 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival!  The festival supports adventurous and exploratory performing artists by showcasing their uncensored artistic expression in a professional environment to equally as adventurous audiences and opportunities. Bonnie and Clementine, on Their Way to the Grand Canyon, Explore the Limits of the Dramatic Form & Welcome to …read more

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Global Problems Global Solutions – 4/10/15

Opera Ignite, in partnership with Opera Theater of Pittsburgh, will present at LaRoche College’s Global Problems Global Solutions conference on April 2015. In the morning, Founding Director Christina Farrell will join representatives from Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and PNC Grow Up Great to discuss the Buzzword Pittsburgh initiative. Buzzword Pittsburgh is aimed to help address the …read more